Adventures of Bobby The Yoruba Demon 3.

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We are back with our series Adventures of Bobby The Yoruba Demon 3.

Jael made me rethink and reconsider all of the sexual fantasies I had previously held dear. Because she always, met my expectations and surpassed them. Once, during a midnight rendezvous we actually stopped our car in the middle of the road while she leaned in to rub my d**k. And upon seeing that the coast was clear for whatever it was that we wished to do, she pulled down my zipper and grinded on me to her satisfaction.

Jael was all that she was yet I was never satisfied with having just her in my life. For having a woman for me, was more about the conquest of having her than crossing the finish line. It was about the many hurdles I jumped, the leaps I had to take to get her to commit, totally, to me. I needed more, to feel the eruption of lust in every lady I desired. Jael was already in my corner and without a doubt her body possessed a blinding attraction to it. A darkness so passionate, I would always crave to peel off her clothes and run probing fingers deep into her pu**y. Stroking and rubbing the knob of her clit with an intensity that stretched into quick gasps and long nights.

Nights of unbridled passion and warm kisses. Memories I would never forget. The soft chime of my cell phone brought me back to reality as the morning came alive. I could hear the muffled ramblings of pedestrians and hum of traffic. This Saturday would be a long day. A quick shower and a glass of whisky later, I grabbed my backpack filled with my gym clothes and other necessities as I began the short jog to Ikoyi Club gym. Halfway through the bend of the street, I saw her. A perfect blend of warm honey and coffee in red shorts and a Fulham branded sleeveless top. Even in her sport gear, her voluptuousness sent shock waves through my loins. She was art. She was sweet and black, like Hershey’s…and naked.

She was clothed yet naked in my thoughts. I knew then that I wanted her. And I will do anything for a serving of this fruit. Omo Yoruba for life. My father didn’t raise a whimp for sure because at that instant, I made up my mind to switch up lanes and join her. I quickened my pace to catch up with her but never did as her ass in all its glory bounced and wriggled ahead of me. She was pure class and her sexuality oozed something cold. My imagination ran ahead of the both of us into me shoving my d**k in her on plush sofas.

Even my ancestors will not forgive me if I let this babe slip away. So, I started into a run until I was upon her. Glancing sideways into her firm bosom and taut nipples, I grew hard. And I was without control when I mumbled a faint greeting. “Hello pretty soldier,” I said, an awkward smile on my face. I have changed a lot. In the past, I was all about one guy-one babe, and now I have gone “wako”! Maybe because women have thought me a lesson and I have zipped up my emotions and tossed them to the sea. She looked at me and smiled; an invitation to treat. “Where is your direction,” I asked as I slowed my pace. “Ikoyi Club,” she responded with a subtle voice that sent chills down my spine, making my member to leap ever so slightly. “Ohh I that’s where I am heading…” Right before I could finish my statement, she cut me shut, talking something about how she had not used the pool in a while. Smelling blood, I did not hesitate for her to finish speaking before I presented the sudden idea that we should go swimming together at the club. She said, “okay” and my soul did somersaults in absolute glee. She was a gift and here, I felt like a demon on the loose………


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