Adventures of Bobby The Yoruba Demon 4

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It felt good on her skin. Her lust. Her nakedness glowing into the night as she scooped spoonfuls of Chocolate Yogurt. She was no longer tensed and the knot at the base of her neck had unraveled. She knew what she wanted and it was in the other room. A forbidden desire but damn it. She was going to seduce him and feel his huge manhood within her. There was no shadow of turning. Wearing only a towel, she walked quietly to the other room and softly knocked..

“Just a minute please, Jasmine,” he answered. There it was again. His guttural accent and the smell of his cologne. A certain moistness tickled her within as she allowed herself to dream. A thousand thought playing on her mind. Magical and wanton. She still stood there entranced when the door opened and a strong hand drew her in. There were no questions asked.

“How do I breathe with your breathless beauty?” He teased..The taste of his heat upon her lips. He kissed so good she became weak in her limbs. A flurry of sweet sensations cradling her.

“Just make love to me, dear bastard” she implored. “Drive me to the summit of passion and let me drink from the oasis of your warmth.”

Her nipples pressed into him as he took off the towel. He ran a couple of fingers through her skin and caressed her swollen breasts with a practised calm that astonished him. There was no need to rush.
He reached for a Jar of honey on his study table and let the gooey drip upon her boobs. The feeling felt like poetry.

“Tonight, We are one, my darling. Our souls will dream as our bodies reach the sky. Tonight, the world is ours.”

He saw the smile form across her lips. She was too soaked in her own desires to find the right words. His tongue was everywhere, rioting and torturing her sweetly. When he dropped down and dipped a finger into her moistness, she found the words. They were nothing. Sweet nothings. She tugged at the sheet as he ran his tongue through her pink walls. Her juices flowed. Her vagina was such a blessed meal. Two fingers in and a continuous probing of his tongue, the throbbing increased. She arched and squeezed his hair. Her thighs were spread now. She wanted everything.

“Just f**k me… I am dying to have your c**k… search me within. F**k me baby…please do…” Her words trailed off but her eyes didn’t. She got up then and rolled down his boxers and there it was. A piece of metal in flesh and bones. The right fit for her gaping pussy. The thought of riding this dick to the wild heavens stirred her silly and prompted her to suck it.
She thought of Ice and vanilla. Oh dear ChukwuEbube… Sex with him would be filthy fun. Her cravings had never been this creative. Not even with her man. She stumbled out then to get all that she needed for this act when she heard her phone ring. Whoever that was just had to wait. Tonight ain’t passing her by.

What if it was a distress call? She asked herself trying hard to fight the moment that was threatening her moment of lust and liberty. Emeka was now dangerously close to her ears and nibbling on them. The sensuality of the act probing her now moist clit. And there was his wood scent too. Made from burnt sweet-smelling woods in Northern Venezuela and striped with special oils from the Arabia. She prided herself as an Oud Aficionado just as she had good eyes for charming men who tickled her with spellbinding intelligence and notoriety. And this man here was a textbook description of all that and more. In a flash, she was back to the reality as let him fiddle with her thighs rapturously.
She knew he was there. The tip of his cock gently snaking around the glossy outer space of her Vagina orifice , plaguing her with a million thoughts. The thought of how much she needed to be fucked and thoughts of loving her best friend. Just as there were others centered on the pleasurable orgasms that await. Her dilemma could wait. The world itself didn’t matter tonight. She has to enjoy the sheer magic of having a robust cock Deejaying in her gaping hoodie. So, it was with a welcoming gasp and a biting of her lips that greeted his first thrust. The moment was fulfilling just as his c**k filled her pu**y that time and with successive thrusts. She knew then that she was ready to be blown away..

…but the phone kept ringing

….to be continued

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