Adventures of Bobby The Yoruba Demon 5

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The lounge was already filled up. She saw in those searching eyes spread across the room, a range of emotions. from anxiety to pain; distress to faith and sadness to hope. And there were the inscrutable faces. The ones without a faint hint of revelation. Dangerously stoic, she called them. And there was that sickly hospital smell. There it was again. It hadn’t been six months already when she had puked cos of this same darn smell when Mama was admitted. A perplexed sigh escaped as she resigned to cope with the anguish. She was in that nauseous state when a firm yet warm hand tapped her shoulder. It was Doctor Biyi.

“Are you okay, Miss Ufuoma?” Doctor Biyi asked, a warm smile plastered on his face. She loved his scent and his prickly-trimmed beards. A handsome man but definitely not her type. Imagining him naked didn’t sit well.

“Oh..Yes, Doctor. Just lost in my thoughts is all.”  Her response hasn’t been smoothly true but that will do.

“Alright. Can we see in my office?

“Yes please!” Ufuoma promptly got up and followed the fine doctor. Just before the turning, a nurse had rushed up to them clutching a file and a smirk on her face. She had sized her up and even given her the “bad-eye” routine. She was flustered but smiled through it all. It was unsurprising to see a foolish auxiliary nurse smitten and stupid. She briskly shoved past her and continued into the doctor’s office.

It was a cozy little town. Beautifully designed and peppered with little comforts that can brighten anyone who had the fun yet tiring job of a doctor. Now, she can explore her fantasy. The table was the right pitch for sizzling sex. Spread thighs and slick thrusts. She thought about him. It was strange she felt this way about a stranger who fell right before her eyes. The day’s events played up in her head. Having to flag down an Uber to rush him here and canceling her plans for the day. She had to save a life and nothing else matters. Yet, she hasn’t forgotten how strikingly charming he looks. A million bucks of lust. It was Doctor Biyi’s call that brought her back to reality.

“Miss Ufuoma.” He paused to look at her deeply. “Your mind wandered far. I trust you are okay?” A tone of warmth in his voice.

“Sorry doc..I was just admiring your tastefully furnished office. Ravishing art.” She had coolly regained her balance but had been embarrassed she was sexually thinking of fucking another man in another man’s office. LIFE.

“Alright, he will be discharged soon. I just finished checking him and he has a clean bill. Told him about the beautiful Samaritan hottie who saved his life and he should be able to see you now.” He rounded off with a cheeky smile.

Bad man doctor. She thought to herself and smiled. It was good knowing that the country still had private practices with doctors efficient and human as Doctor Biyi. She thanked him profusely and headed out into the open space again. She knew his room but decided to skip past it and just go home. She was already in her car where she sat motionless until she remembered she had forgotten her phone..And the last place she had used it was in his room.  She had to face him in the flesh and the thought of it was exciting as it was unnerving.

…Ten minutes later, she was knocking on the patient’s door

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