Adventures of Bobby The Yoruba Demon 6

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Words cannot describe how I felt when I first saw myself in this hospital. It was a knockout. The neatly primed room was a good impression compared to others but nonetheless, that familiar sickly smell of drugs and Malaria turned my stomach inside-out.But I couldn’t deny the telling beauty of the nurses. Strikingly luscious in their silk white overalls. They looked like those hot-skin  models used for activation jobs. Fond memories of Vanessa came flooding again as I remembered that night three months ago. It had been a Champions league Quarter-final 2nd leg match between Barcelona and Borrusia Dortmund.

The Heineken house located at Ikoyi just along the street where the majestic *Southern sun☀* sat was a beehive during match days and I always get a ticket. There, I saw her. Dressed in a butt-hugging smart denim jeans and a sparkling blue top crested with the Heineken brand.  She was doing the rounds and serving inmates with chilled mugs of Heineken beer. From afar, I could peel off her Jeans. There were signs she had a G-string on. And I could fiddle with those strings to make good music. Her skin sent shuddering waves. Finely tanned and there was her devilishly wicked ass.. Hellish. Our eyes met then. She smiled boldly and walked up to my table with an empty tray


“Good evening,” she warmly greeted in a voice that sounded like scones dripping with honey, “welcome to the Heineken house and we are at your service.” She finished with a breathy pause, and damn, I could feel my manhood bulge.


“Thanks dearest. Being attended to by an exquisitely fine lady should be the new world wonder.” I finished with a grin. I made sure I applied my smug baritone voice. First impressions could make or break you. And I, Bobby Ronaldo cannot dull myself. Creamy clits don’t come by everyday. She nodded sweetly and backed away. Moments later, returning with an assortment of small chops and finger-licking snacks. It was a special treatment because I scanned the room. I knew then that the gods had accepted my sacrifice. 😂😂😂


As the game and buzz wore on, we kept the telling eye contacts. So, at the end of the game, I slipped my card to her and asked that she calls cos I surely would love to see her again. And that she did two days later… And the rest as they say is history..

I remember her now cos her sex game was wild. How she arched her hips when I pound her brought back chills. And she was always sweetly creamy. The sloppiness of my thrusts were always heavenly. Sexual anointing.. One could speak in tongues just sliding in and out of Vanny’s pu**y. Her clitoral walls tugged and massaged the d**k thoroughly.  And she was only 20.


A soft knock on my door ushered me back to reality and I thought one of the nurses had come for a final check just before I was discharged cos Doc had prepped me earlier.


“Come in , please.” I urged the person behind the door. And when she did, I was brought to my knees. Never before had a woman made my knees wobble. ,oh not now and not again


“Hello, I am Ufuoma.”, ……. To be continued


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