Adventures of Bobby The Yoruba Demon 7


I stood there transfixed. It seemed like an erotic trance scooped off a Sailor’s romantic fiction diary. To stand toe-to-toe with the one that had triggered your hormones but who ended up rescuing you from unforeseen distress. It was the sweet swell of her breasts that caught my eye. My sore eyes.

“I can see you are doing well already,” she continued.

A winning smile drawn across her lips. Her tired eyes sized me up vociferously and I couldn’t make a thing or two of what she thinks of a man who had earlier been a burden to her day..

“Miss Ufuoma… Thank you for all you did….”  I managed. “I am wholly grateful.”

She laughed now, revealing a dentition that could make a blowjob session, steamy and wild at the same time. I could picture the both of us lost in the pool, while she gulped the girth of my manhood, with tantalizing intermissions . My lust was enough for the both of us. This was just another bridge to be crossed. And I savoured it with readiness.

“If you are ready, I can drop you home.”

The words seemed distant like they were from another world but they were real. Ufuoma just offered to take me home. The gods were definitely drinking beer to celebrate me. The smile on my face would have won the Olympics cos it leapt right into her heart. I said no words but the affirmation of my gratitude was certain. I rang the intercom for a nurse to facilitate checking-out procedure  and moments later, I was riding shotgun with Omoge darling.

And she was a darn good driver to boot. Her precision was class and her elegance behind the wheels oozed.

I wished I could penetrate her mind. No, scratch that.. I would prefer to kill the ignition and make love to her right here. Make her whimper and scream in muffled notes. A dip of my hands into her sports vest and the I will feel the warmth of her cleavage and her cuddly nipples. Ripened, I will pluck and suckle until she groans. Fantasies of a player. I looked out into the welcoming flowers of my estate then and I knew I was home. When the car finally stopped at the green gate of my house, I decided to unleash a needed bait.

“Dear Ufuoma, the least I could do is offer you a drink for all you have done for me today. Come in with me.. Don’t say No.”

Her face was inscrutable but she nodded in agreement and together, hands in hands, I led her to my flat. It was in that frantic excitement that I hurriedly opened my door to find that I may have been burgled or someone who had my keys decided to put on my TV.

….Almost immediately, the bedroom door opened and I saw angry eyes staring into mine.


Damn! A century of silence passed and she just stood there looking at us with such bittersweet disgust. My limbs were jelly and I could not find the right words to say. I looked at Ufuoma and then at the voluptuous woman again who had been the intruder.

It had been ages I saw her but she looked the same. Like a raunchy snack dripping with lust. Her bonnet still had the same bewitching spectacle. Ever the sizzling mistress. When her eyes shifted and focused on my zipper, I felt my balls boil.


“Young man, your huge junk ain’t well covered,” She said pointing to my crotch. I was flustered.

She walked towards us then. The earlier tension slowly fading as she brightened up and walked past me to where Ufuoma stood. I feared the worst. But to my surprise, Jasmine pulled her close and hugged her warmly. The uncertainty in the air clearing up. If there was anybody who could switch from zero to a hundred real quick, it was Jasmine. I loved that about her. Her dramatic spontaneity and her relentless loyalty. But she has become different ever since she opened up about her feelings. A shocking awakening for if there was anyone I wouldn’t date. It would be Jass. My chief logistics officer in all of my dealings. Could she have been such a buddy and still wanna get exclusive? These thoughts had been on my mind just before I left the house that morning for a jog into what fate had in stall for me. Bumping into Ufuoma and my slump caused by inertia. No. This was a path I wouldn’t tread. Jass was everything rolled into one and the most important woman in my life. If she became my lover, however tempting that was, we would lose everything. And I wasn’t ready to face the reality of that. Hopefully, we will get a weekend to ourselves soon and talk about this …I truly hoped it was squashed for both our sakes……….TO BE CONTINUED….


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