Air France to cancel 24% of flights on Friday due to staff strike

Air France airline on Thursday said in a statement in Paris that it would cancel 24 per cent of its flights on Friday due to another strike of the company’s personnel, who demand a six-percent pay increase.

The airline noted in the statement that “due to several Air France staff unions call for strike on Friday, our flight schedule will be disrupted.

“We expect to operate 76 per cent of our flight schedule on March 30, 2018.”

According to the statement, the airline will operate 80 per cent of its long-haul flights, 70 per cent of its medium-haul flights to and from Paris Charles de Gaulle airport.

It stated that “80 per cent of short-haul flights to and from Paris-Orly airport and French regions would aalso be affected as about one third of Air France pilots and 20 per cent of ground staff are expected to take part in Friday’s strike.

“The airline does not rule out further cancellations or last minutes delays.”

The company expressed regret over the situation, stressing that it was making effort to minimise the inconveniences the strike may cause its customers.

Friday’s strike will be held at the behest of several trade unions representing French pilots, stewards and other personnel.

Air France employees have long been demanding a pay raise of six per cent as compensation for inflation, though the company offered a one-per cent salary raise.

Previous industrial actions were held by the unions on Feb. 22 and March 23.

According to the unions, the airline management did not on the other hand offer any concrete response.

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