Aretha Franklin Had Nearly $1M in Uncashed Checks When She Died

Aretha Franklin reportedly had nearly $1 million in uncashed checks at the time of her death, a new inventory of her assets found, according to newly filed court documents.

Among the checks were $702,711.90 from Sound Exchange and the Screen Writers Guild and $285,944.27 in checks from her publishing company, Springtime Publishing, EMI, BMI, Carlin Music and Feel Good Films.

The grand total was $988,656.17, according to Billboard.

Initially, no wills were found after Franklin’s death a year ago and her estate was set to be divided equally among her four sons, but three months ago three handwritten wills, including one found in her couch, were discovered at her house, Billboard and Jezebel reported.

If the wills are validated, it would change the distribution of assets.

It’s not the first time the Queen of Soul hadn’t cashed paychecks, Billboard reported. Some checks from 2012 had to be reissued in 2016, according to the magazine.

Her son Kecalf Cunningham has already contacted one of the banks that issued some of the checks, according to the magazine.

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