Can Spurs overcome their Bridge of fears?

1 Apr 2018

Tottenham Hotspur’s 25-match winless run at Chelsea is the league’s longest but what are other clubs’ bogey grounds?

Every team in the Premier League have a certain opponent, or ground, that they so often struggle at.

“When I was a Manchester United player, Goodison Park was always one I found really tough,” recalls Phil Neville. “And Southampton‘s old ground, The Dell.

“It plays on your mind leading into the game.”

That is the problem facing Tottenham Hotspur when they travel to Chelsea this weekend.

Their 25 matches at Stamford Bridge without winning is the most that one team has played at one stadium without a single victory in the PL.

“I’ve watched the last couple of games there and they’ve played well but still lost,” says Neville. “They’ve got to overcome that psychological barrier.”

After Spurs, Southampton have the longest run of winless matches at an opponent. Saints have gone 18 matches without victory at Arsenal, although this is split between Highbury and Emirates Stadium.

The biggest bogey grounds

Despite no PL wins at Stamford Bridge, Spurs have drawn there nine times, giving an average of 0.36 points per visit.

The worst points-per-match record for one PL team visiting another stadium belongs to Fulham.

They have gone 13 trips to Everton‘s Goodison Park without picking up a point.

Worst records at PL grounds*
Team Ground Matches Pts per match
Fulham Goodison Park 13 0
Bolton Anfield 13 0.08
Stoke Old Trafford 10 0.10
Stoke Stamford Bridge 10 0.10
Newcastle Etihad Stadium 13 0.15
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