Floyd Mayweather Sued For $2 Million For “No Show” In Nigeria & Ghana

A Nigerian company is accusing Floyd Mayweather of defrauding them of millions of dollars. The company Zinni Media claims to have booked Mayweather to make five appearances is Ghana and Nigeria for June 2017 and agreed to pay him $375,000. Floyd had recorded a video saying that he’d be making these appearances and the company reportedly sent him a $210,000 advance. They claim that he ended up not showing up and that left them in a hole. 

In their lawsuit, Zinni claims that they had spoken with Mayweather’s team and agreed for him to come back in December 2017 for $550,000. They were allegedly told that the $210,00 they already gave the boxer could go towards the new amount. Zinni requested that Floyd make a new video to confirm that he’d be there, but he apparently  didn’t honor the deal by failing to show up—nor did he give that $210,000 back!

Now, Zinni Media is suing for $2 million citing that their reputation has been damaged and that Mayweather scammed them. 

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