How Brand Can Make The Most Of Digital In 2021

Over the past few years digital marketing has continued to evolve. The year 2020 witnessed a huge shift on how brands and consumers react to digital marketing. The year caught everyone off-guard and disrupted various aspects  and impacting businesses adversely. From witnessing the nationwide lockdown to dealing with the effects of isolating ourselves at home and creating a new normal, there is a lot that happened. 

The pandemic has served as a wake-up call for a lot of brands and taught everyone different ways to sustain while establishing a digital presence and embracing the virtual world. However, this also reflected the volatile nature of digital marketing and how it amplified businesses or impacted them sceptically. 

As we lay the foundation for 2021 in this 1st quarter, it is necessary to critically look at the market and fine tune the strategies and trends which might work out to business’ advantage in 2021. 

According to Deji Garuba, Lead Partner at Belfry Africa, paid media will get trickier as consumer confidence on these adverts continue to drop. According to him 30% or more people expected to deploy ad blockers, it’ll be much harder for marketers to get ROI. 

He also added that paid social, however, may deliver more value in the months ahead as our worldview is formed by what shows up in our social channels and streams. As long as we’re hyper-focused on matching our content to the audience’s interest, this might be the most seamless way to inject our brand into our target audience’s consciousness. 

With numerous channels available, and lots of companies have tried to remain relevant on all of them, the necessity to declutter is nearly pervasive. Reducing social media channels to only the most relevant won’t only be popular but necessary in 2021.

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