Men of Valour Convention 2023 Kicks Off Today at Wordbase Assembly, Okota, Lagos

In an inspiring gathering of faith and empowerment, the Men of Valour Convention 2023 commenced today at Wordbase Assembly in Okota, Lagos, with the theme “The Sufficient Man.” The convention, scheduled to run from 6 pm today through Sunday 8 am, aims to explore the concept of God as man’s ultimate source of sufficiency.

Wordbase Assembly Church, Lagos, is hosting the event with the highly esteemed Presiding Bishop, Humphrey Erumaka as chief host. The convention promises a transformative experience, bringing together men from various walks of life to delve into spiritual teachings and practical insights.

Dr Cosmas Maduka will be speaking at the convention
Dr Cosmas Maduka will be speaking at the convention

The Men of Valour Convention 2023 boasts a lineup of distinguished speakers, each accomplished in their respective fields. Among the key speakers is the renowned Nigerian businessman, Dr. Cosmas Maduka. With a track record of success in entrepreneurship, Dr. Maduka is expected to share his insights on how faith and determination can lead to prosperity.

Adding a legal perspective to the convention is Prof. Paul Ananaba, a respected Legal Luminary. Prof. Ananaba is known for his expertise in law and advocacy, and his address is anticipated to provide a unique blend of spiritual and practical wisdom for the attendees.

The convention’s theme, “The Sufficient Man,” underscores the belief that God is the ultimate source of sufficiency for individuals, guiding them in their personal and professional endeavors. Attendees can expect a deep exploration of faith, empowerment, and the role of spirituality in achieving success.

This convention is not just a gathering; it is a divine appointment for men to connect with the sufficiency that God provides. Every man has the potential for greatness when anchored in faith and purpose.

The Men of Valour Convention 2023 is not only a platform for spiritual growth but also an opportunity for networking and fellowship among like-minded individuals. With a diverse audience expected to attend, the convention is set to create an atmosphere of inspiration and empowerment that will resonate long after its conclusion on Sunday morning.

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