Miami Zoo Gorilla Gets COVID-19 After Fight With Sibling

A gorilla got into a nasty fight with its sibling at a zoo, and as a safety precaution doctors gave him a coronavirus test which they documented in some incredible shots.

This is Shango, a 31-year-old, 433 lb. lowland gorilla who lives at the Miami Zoo and earlier this week, he got into a brawl with his brother, Barney suffering some injuries in the process. Shango was bitten and scratched up -so to be safe, they got him tested for COVID-19.

A team of vets put Shango under to do the procedure and to also attend to his wounds. As you can see, he’s got a deep gash on his hand after apparently being bitten. As far as the COVID test, the ape got the best of the best that’s out there, a nasal swab.

According to the zoo staff, Shango’s test came back negative but it just goes to show animals can contract the virus, which has been a thing zoos have had to grapple with of late. And, of course, seeing how primates are close cousins of ours they’re susceptible too.

Now, can we talk about how wild it is to see just how big this creature is up close? Absolutely massive — he takes up the whole table — and completely majestic all at the same time.

Anyway, hope you feel better, Shango. Play nice, and try to distance if you can!

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