My Day-Dream

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I awoke to Kranium’s “Nobody has to know” playing from the home theater. Slowly, I turned and saw him sleeping, naked, and all I could think about were the activities of last night I was staring, thinking he is so fine. I still can’t believe he is mine or is he? His full lips, succulent, I remember how soft it felt when he kissed me. I feel like kissing him right now but I don’t want to wake him up. He looks so peaceful, lying there, so innocent compared to the man who had kissed me so passionately, the man that brought out the inner slut in me.

How he quivered when I traced lines over his skin with my hands, how he moaned when I kissed his neck. I’m getting turned on just thinking about him. His d**k lay soft on him. I remember how he panted when I took it in my mouth, squeezing the balls gently, how it stood, so huge, so fine, he tasted so good, like a blend of chocolate and coconut. I took as much as I could take, all the  inches of him, and he kept begging for more.

Now I’m so wet, but I don’t wanna wake him, his hands so big and perfect lie by his side, the hands he used to trace a slick path on my body. He touched me everywhere, and I have never felt anything like what I felt. He took my breasts in his hands, like they were made for it. The way he touched me so softly, like he didn’t want to hurt me, his fingers like feathers on my body. In many ways it feels like I am made to be right here with him.

He slowly lifts his head and he catches me staring at him, and he smiles at me so seductively, that knowing smile that he likes to give me, “hey weirdo, it’s rude to stare” He gets up and comes after me and I make to run but he catches me in one swift movement. Before I realize it, his mouth is on my tender breasts, sucking ever so sweetly, like a hungry infant. I hold his head down as I rain kisses on his forehead, his cheeks, and down his earlobes. His hands massaged my “not so flat” tummy, then wandered down to the little triangle of bald patch below. His hands smoothed over my pubis, then one little finger slipped in between my c**t lips.

At this point, I was wet and dripping, I could begin to feel the juices flow between my thighs, I couldn’t bear it any longer, I needed to feel his d**k inside me. I started begging but he is not listening. His mouth is now trailing a path on my body, while his hands are on my nipples, twirling it around his fingers just the way I love it. My nipples are so sensitive and his touches are driving me crazy; kissing my tummy, my belly button, my inner thigh. He is doing crazy things to me, I feel an orgasm threatening to burst forth from me. Now his tongue is parting the swollen lips of my wet pu**y, rubbing my clit, flicking in and out and soaking all the wetness away.

I hold unto his head for my dear life and I raise my hips unto his face to match the motion of his tongue in my pu**y. I cry out as waves of orgasm wracked through my body. I must have passed out because when I woke up he was lying there, giving me that “who is your daddy” kinda smile. I turned around, ready to revenge but he stopped me in my tracks when he brought out this pinkish fancy handcuffs. “oh my” I guess I was in for it. It’s always my fantasy to be handcuffed and subdued.

He bound my hands together and started kissing my pu**y and sliding his finger right into me, I began to grind my hips and moving With the rhythm of his thrust. While one of his hands was playing with my pu**y, the other hand began massaging my heavy breasts, pulling at the Tips, slowly moving in circles and then he flipped me over on my stomach and started kissing my butt “my fat ass baby” he was uttering words of endearment while kissing my ears and I was groaning from the ecstasy. He started fingering my butthole and squeezing my ass.

I just started pitying myself, “why was this happening to me? ” the handcuff was having the desired effect. I couldn’t touch him or wiggle my way out of his hold, I started screaming and begging at the same time. He lifted me a little from the bed and slide a   pillow under my stomach and plunged his d**k in so deep in me, it brought another scream from me, he started thrusting in and out, slowing at first and then faster, and deeper just the way I love it. He kept thrusting and now I was crying from the pleasure, this was new to me, he was still fingering my butthole and thrusting in from different angles that was driving me insane.

He withdrew from me and I protested, he flipped me over, slide the pillow under my waist again and buried his dick so deep in me, I could feel it up in my belle. I started begging him to take off the cuffs, I wanted to touch him, he shook his head and obliged. My legs was on his shoulder now with the pillow underneath my butt, He began then to hammer into my gasping soaking wet c**t, he was banging me like his life depended on it, this was by far my best position, the orgasm went on and on. I was seeing stars, fluids gushed from my c**t as i came and came and the slurping noises I made actually caused the climax to last longer.

I couldn’t count how many times I have cum so far and I needed him to cum with me, so I started twirling his nipples between my fingers and touching his balls, he increased his tempo even more. I dropped my leg from his shoulder, wrapped it around him and grabbed his neck for a kiss. The waves of orgasm that shook our body was so powerful, we were panting and holding unto each other and that’s how we slept off with him still buried inside me and me cuddling him. “I love you” he said, “I love you too baby. I wish we could be like this forever.” He is not even real yet, I am day-dreaming again.

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