RENMISS Begins Skill Aquisition Program For Youths Across Nigeria

Rescue Nigeria Mission (RENMISS) a socio-political organisation with a core mandate of empowering young Nigerians economically and politically, has commenced a nationwide skill aquisition program to as part of its efforts reduce unemployment and poverty rate amongst young people across Nigeria.

Tagged RENMISS Skill-Up Program, the initaitive was born out of the desire to massively empower young Nigerians to add value to themselves and also contribute to the development of the Nation through skills aquired from the program.

The virtual skill aquisition program will avail participants the opportunities to acquire skills like Baking, Digital Marketing, Grilling, Database Management, Home Automation and so many more. The participants are also expected to receive certificates at the end of the training program.

As an intergral part of the skill up program, participants will also have a special ‘Value Discovery’ session with the national president of Rescue Nigeria Mission, A.S Damat as he shares insights to help participants identify their strengths and leverage to become assets to our society and the world at large.

The training program will also showcase the immense benefits of the RENMISS mobile application and how young people can use it to connect to potential clients and also seamlessly carry out transactions.

To be part of the next Module of the training please click here to register.

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