Still-Married Ex-Google CEO Gifts Younger Gal Pal Huge Ring

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, 64, has handed a huge sapphire ring to a blond fashionista 32 years his junior, sparking engagement buzz — even though he is not divorced from his wife of 39 years, Wendy.

Alexandra Duisberg, a 32-year-old former medical student, has been flashing a huge pink sapphire, estimated to be 10 carats and worth millions, on her left hand and telling friends that Schmidt, worth an estimated $13.2 billion, presented it to her a few weeks ago in Greenland.

According to a source, Duisberg is telling friends, “We want to have kids as soon as possible, but his wife is making things complicated.”

Duisberg is the same age as Schmidt’s daughter, Sophie.

However, Schmidt — who has been linked to a series of younger women in recent years — has no plans to divorce Wendy, even though they live separate lives.

A second source close to the couple said, “Eric has been spending time with Alexandra, and he gave her a friendship ring. While this may have sparked some excitement and rumors, it is not an engagement ring. Eric did not propose, and they are not engaged.”

A rep for Schmidt declined to comment.

Duisberg, who could not be reached, was featured in a 2015 CBS story about dating app The League, started by a former Google staffer, which listed her as “a self-described overachiever, a former Olympic skater and a fourth-year med student at University of Pennsylvania.”

In a 2015 blog, she describes herself as “suffering from constant wanderlust; a passion for improving the health of children, globally. A lover of new adventures, and always pushing the boundaries of what is possible.”

A third source warned that Duisberg should hold off picking out her wedding gown, “I’ve lost count of how many women I know that Eric has given rings to. He’s not getting engaged because he’s not getting divorced.”

Schmidt has enjoyed his share of Page Six ink, thanks to his affairs with women, including PR exec Marcy Simon, journalist Kate Bohner, Council on Foreign Relations communications VP Lisa Shields, pianist Cho-San Nguyen and NYC socialite Ulla Parker.

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