The Adventures of Bobby The Yoruba Demon Part 2

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There goes a saying, “no one is more maniacal than a woman scorned.” Some versions bring hell into the mix but I dare not. You see, if you have ever experienced the hand of Satan, you would understand when I tell you that nothing in this world can match the fury of hell.

There I was, my black ass still shimmery from from Jael’s sweet juices, Eniola looking at me like she was seeing the devil himself, my big head obstructing the slats of morning light filtering into the room. This was it, I had to choose. So I looked from Jael to Eniola, and then to Jael again.

First words that left my lips were,

“Who are you?”

I was asking Eniola. I sprang up out of my bed and marched to where she stood shocked, her mouth apart, her eyes narrowing. I gave her two quick slaps, and asked her out of my house.

I never seen anyone run so fast before. Before Jael could have said anything I began to shout and curse, to speak in tongues. I walk Eniola out naked, saying stuff like, “no weapon fashioned against me by my enemies shall prosper! I rebuke you! I rebuke you!”Eniola ran off to the door, tears streaming down her eyes. Jael was walking quickly behind me, a puzzled look on her face.

To add more spice to the drama I begin to shout, “who sent you? Who sent you you daughter of JEZEBEL? WHO?” I swear over the years I’ve become a Lord in this game.

If the world was a chessboard I would have been a knight. Why? I had mastered the art of deception. Of being able to jump over all of the nonsense that don’t really matter and capturing my prey.

Some people would be pawns, some bishops because they heedlessly and mindlessly lunge into attacks, some would swear that they are kings or queens. But me? I would be a knight, thank you very much.

Eniola said something just before she ran out of my house that day, she said, “if I never forgive you, you would never know any joy.” I spread my five fingers apart and screamed, “WAKA” in her face before slamming the door on her.


It seemed as though the way I treated Eniola just then aroused Jael even more. She leapt at me like a tiger, and wrapped her fair, soft legs about me.

She took her well-manicured fingers to my face and whispered two words into my ears.


“F**k me,” she said.


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