The Adventures of  Bobby The Yoruba Demon.

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There came a period in my life when I ogled after everything in skirt. Gone were the days when I lusted with no fruit to come from my wanton desires. These days, my ogling came with plenty of goodies afterwards. There’s nothing like being young, rich, and capable of sweeping any woman off her feet. Eniola, Jael, Mirabel, Nelo; these where some of the girls who I f**ked in the first week of January 2019…and the list isn’t even complete!

Make money, brothers. Make money or die trying. Best thing about the kind of guy I was, I could sleep with three girls in one day and still have enough juice left in me to fuck a fourth. On the first day of January, Jael came to visit me all the way from Sapele. In Delta State

I paid for her air ticket to Lagos, I really would do anything to have a taste of her puss. Jael is one of those chics who used to be a big headache for me. We met in the university and she never gave me the time of day. I begged, I cried, I grovelled on the floor like a worthless wuss, but Jael never cared.

Fellas, Jael was peppery hot. Skin fair like fried potatoes, hair long and lustrous, eyes carved by the devil himself.I could have done anything for a taste of Jael’s lips I tell you. But back in them days, Jael was head over hills in love with some fella, who went by the name, Jack.

I was jealous out of my skin! I learnt to bear the pain of seeing Jack and Jael together and on some days I imagined if Jack would die from just a little sniper in his la casera. Anyhow, after the university, I grew two inches taller, developed a beard, got a brilliant job that paid seven figures on some weeks, and the rest as they say, is history.

First night I ever spent with Jael was everything I imagined it would be. She came over wearing one of those short gowns that women wear, that make their buttocks roll about like massive balloons. Didn’t take too long before I had one of her legs on my shoulders and the other around my waist. Jael was all shades of wet before I plunged deep into her. Her pu**y smelt good, too. I swear it smelt like vanilla, and fresh meat doing a dance.

And I was the maestro, come to savour the duet. Fellas, the day I expected Jael from Sapele was the same day I was expecting Eniola and Mirabel to come through. Thankfully, Mirabel didn’t know my house so it was the easy matter of having her lodge in a hotel close by. I liked to f**k Mirabel, and nothing else. She f**ked like an Amazon and I loved the way that she would always twist and turn atop my d**k.

She enjoyed to f**k me too, and we both had an interesting affair. She f**ked me, I paid for her hair, or her nails, or any other flimsy thing she wanted me to pay for. Eniola wanted to be my wife, and maybe I might have considered it if she wasn’t so flat arsed. She was one of those girls who had a pretty face, pretty skin, but ass so flat you could set dinner on it. Never envisioned myself tying the knot with a woman I wasn’t physically attracted to. Way I see it, I won’t want to get tempted by all them ladies outside of home so why not be with the best woman I can get?

Trouble started on January 2nd 2019, the day Eniola came and found Jael bouncing on me in the bedroom. I would never forget the first words that left her lips. “But I thought you said you are fasting?” Shock written all over her face like a deer caught in the headlights.

Or was I the deer?

Jael bounced right off me, and gave me a quick slap before accosting Eniola, asking who she was and how she knew to come straight to my room. My d**k was still wet and shiny from Jael’s sweet nectar. I watched Jael march to the door where Eniola stood in shock; a basket of fresh fruits she had just bought for me fell off her hands.

Saw oranges and apples roll over the tiles in my room and I sat in bed thinking,

“Oh fuck, Bob! What have I done again?

To be Continued






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