Titi and I.

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My friend while at the university of Benin, visited from Germany last week so, I went visiting at the hotel where he stays in Ikeja. Soon as he opened the hotel room’s door, I pummeled his chest playfully, reminiscent of our days at the university of Benin.

“Alora,” He said. “You will never change from all this your useless CONGI writings. Who knows if that’s why you could not make it through Medicine. Chinwe Achebe won’t be a celebrated author if he wrote like this. Wole Soyinka will be working with FRSC if na your style he follow” He smacked me once on my face and my response to him was,

“My guy I think say you don drop this your SU thing but never mind I will change the game after next Saturday’s publication!” *On that Note…, Good morning everyone and thanks for keeping up with my stories. As the holiday season draws close, OVIE will ensure to keep you abreast with the most interesting musings of my mind via my short stories.


The music could be heard filtering through the club door, the harmattan breeze blowing gently but cold as it usually does in November. My hand fisted in her hair held her as steadily as I could as I f**ked her throat. She struggles between trying not to gag and licking the head of my d**k when I pull out enough for her to breath. I wish there was a way I could see her cleavage but the darkness under the stairs of the club leading to the parking lot is the only reason this place is convenient for us. Her manicured hands reach out to cup both of my balls gently, forming an era effect rhythm. Lick, gag, fondle and repeat. I try reading the alphabet backwards in my head to keep from Cumming, but my brain is too short circuited to remember what comes after W.


I promised to treat myself if I can reach 45 Mississippi. Normally, I last longer than this during head, but this scenario is an exception for two reasons: This is Titi, the big boobs girl from Instablog Titi, has been grinding her perfectly soft and round ass on my cock for the past 3 hours. I should get a medal for lasting this long. I looked backwards to distract myself from the sight of her plump lips sucking me off and could see the people creeping outside to make out. One wrong flash of a headlight will expose us. The tingle at the base of my spine increases as my balls tighten. I can feel my self almost spurting, I pulled out immediately and came all over her breast just in time. I gave myself a metal pat on the back, Titi’s is not a swallower and one little mistake could have cost me the bliss of seeing her round ass propped on my me as I fucked her tight pussy. Squeezing out the last drop of my semen, I watched it make its milky way down her cleavage and probably through to her stomach. I heaved out as silently as possible ensuring I still covered her with my back. I raised her up with my hand, rubbing my thumb on her lips gently, I don’t know if I should kiss her.

I don’t want to taste my sperm, but since she didn’t swallow, I guess I’m safe. I kissed her cleaning the smear off her chest with my handkerchief. She tasted of the Ciroc she drank and some other girl lolly flavor and sh*t. “When is the uber driver coming” She asked losing the faux accent she started the evening with. I don’t know if it is because she was horny or tipsy. It was cute though. I looked at my phone to read the message


the guy sent me a few minutes ago. “He’s already out front.” I held her hands walking slowly. “So,you’re good at that” I don’t want her to start getting self conscious and withdraw like most girls tend to do when you comment on their sexual prowess, but her blow job was so good, my mama will smack me if I don’t compliment her. “Make sure you don’t disappoint me when it’s your turn” she smacked my chest with her little purse. The drive back to my Estate was quiet and uneventful. “Sorry babe” I pecked her forehead showing her the bathroom “Freshen up while I get something set, yeah?” “You need to shower too, you smell like smoke and stuffs” she said over the sound of water filling the tub.“Just soak in,I must its always the first thing I do afterwards, I’ll come and join you” I replied. Please, tell me these guys have not used the last condom. I open the last drawer of my  beside table. Nothing. I will kill them. I will kill all of them, I thought, as I picked my emergency sachet from my watch/sunglasses cabinet in my wardrobe and kept it on the table. I opened the curtain to see her left nipple peeking out of the bubbles. I got in the shower and rinsed off in under 3 minutes. “Oya, soak is over” I threw her a towel tying another one around my waist. “I’m tired. Come and carry me to bed” she raised her hands in the universal symbol of wanting to be carried. I lifted her out of the tub biting the winking left nipple gently, and then kissing it. I walked hurriedly to the bed, dropped her unceremoniously, chuckled and she said, “You’re wicked. If I broke my waist or something” she screamed. Ignoring her rambles, I kissed her sucking her plumper lower lips longer than the upper.

Her hands gripped my hair telling me she’s over whatever bed argument she wanted to start. I traced her lips with my tongue teasing her without slipping in. she tried to match the pace of my kiss, but gave up half way. My right hand squeezed her ass, while I held her nipple between the thumb and index finger of my left. I kissed down to her ear, cheek, neck, collar bone and sucked her boobs, my hand already rubbing her wet pussy rhythmically. “Fuck me already, Ade. I’m wet” She moaned. I fingered her with my index and middle finger. Her moan got louder she arched up trying to make me go deeper. I lost my concentration for a minute focusing on scissoring my finger and rubbing her clit. I bent my fingers and brushing against her g-spot gently. “F**k, Shit… Ade, please” she cried trying to open her legs wider. I added a third finger rubbing her clit gently for about two minutes finger fucking her steadily. I went back to sucking both nipples at interval until she tightened against my finger, almost pulled the bedsheet of…I could feel her dripping on the mattress.

My d**k was painfully hard, but I wasn’t ready for it yet. I rubbed her cum against her lips and she licked it greedily. Spreading her thighs far apart, I licked her pussy up and sucked her clit in my mouth. I stiffened my tongue and fucked her as deep as I could go, the musky taste of her pussy making me drip out some precum. She was playing with her boobs herself and moaning loudly.


Her pussy was wet and sensitive and I could feel her cumming against my beards not too long later. I stretched up and kissed her on the mouth as she tried to catch her breath. She had this orgasm sleepy look on her face. I know if my dick doesn’t enter her in ten minutes she’s going to sleep off. I held her as if I turned to the side of bed and picked up the lone condom. Tearing it open, I sheathed my cock. I raised one of her leg up. She was so wet I moaned as I slipped in. F**k! I thought, f**king her slowly from the side. “I’m really sensitive babe, kind of sore” she said grinding her ass against me still. I kissed her neck sucking gently. I increased my pace with hers.

After a while, I turned her over, with my c**k still in her pu**y, f**king her doggy style. Her ass jiggled as she thrust back on my c**k. “Play with yourself” I said


breathing heavily the sight of her ass already making me lose myself. Her pu**y got tighter and wetter around my d**k the sound of our f**king mixed with her moans filled the room. Giving her little slaps on her ass I f**ked her harder. I squeezed one of her boobs in my hand, kneading it like flour. “Don’t stop” she panted, meeting my thrust harder and harder. I knew the minute she came as she screamed louder than she did any other time collapsing on her hands. I held her hips f**king her harder too lost to be conscious of whatever sound I was making. I pecked her behind her ear, as I pulled out. I tied the condom with deft fingers and threw it in the bedside thrash, too tired to even clean off properly in the bathroom. I was still breathing heavily as I slept off wondering what condom I will use for wake up sex



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