Tyler Perry Buys Groceries for Elderly Shoppers at 73 Stores

Tyler Perry is giving back during the coronavirus pandemic by secretly picking up the tab for older shoppers at 73 grocery stores across Atlanta and New Orleans.

“He wanted to do something special to provide immediate relief for some of the most vulnerable in the two cities he considers home,” People quoted a source as saying Wednesday afternoon.

It’s been a fraught year so far for Perry. His nephew Gavin Porter, 26, died in custody at the Union Parish Detention Center in Farmerville, Louisiana in February. Perry then hired renowned forensic pathologist, Dr. Michael Baden, for a second autopsy, disbelieving official claims that cited his cause of death as a suicide.

“Our criminal justice system and prisons have been notorious for cover-ups and/or getting it wrong,” he wrote on Instagram in February when he revealed the news.

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