Who is Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman’s Wife?

After Page Six reported that Lindsay Lohan has been rubbing shoulders with controversial Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, further questions have emerged about the brutal dictator’s mysterious marriage.

It turns out there is indeed a Mrs. MBS. Sources tell us that — although there’s virtually no publicly available information about her — the globe-trotting prince is quietly married to Princess Sara bint Mashoor bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.

Apparently, the pair married in 2006 and, according to various reports, they have either three or four children together. She did not travel with MBS on his tour of the US last year, and there are no public photos of her.

She is not to be confused with Princess Sara bint Talal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the so-called “Barbie Princess” who applied for asylum in London after falling out with her father, who is MBS’ cousin.

Sources tell us that MBS and his princess wife are currently at their Red Sea summer getaway, the Al-Salam Royal Palace, in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, with their kids. The source added that she has a reputation for “having a temper, just like MBS.” But given that MBS is accused of ordering the 2018 murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, we are not sure that statement is fair.

But as Page Six reported on Monday, rumors continued to spread that MBS is getting cozy with Lohan — who is partly based in nearby Dubai and is a big star in the Middle East — and that he has flown her around on his private jets and even gave her a gift-wrapped credit card. Other sources insist that Lohan has been showing off text messages between her and the powerful, but highly secretive, Saudi prince to pals.

A rep for Lohan has vehemently denied that they’re romantically involved or that he gave her a credit card. The rep instead insisted that LiLo and MBS had only met once at a Formula One Grand Prix race. Reps at the Saudi Embassy didn’t get back to us.


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